The Morning Blotter: Badass Beats Down "Gang Members" In Georgetown

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 24, 2010

A group of alleged gang members fucked with the wrong dude in Georgetown Wednesday night.

Around 4:30 AM on September 21st, a man called 911 and said he had broken his hand in a fight earlier that evening.

Police arrived at 7th Ave S and S Findlay and contacted the victim, who told officers he "had become very intoxicated" while hanging out at a Georgetown bar earlier in the evening, and was walking around the neighborhood when a black Acura Integra drove by him and began circling the block.

The car slowed down near the victim, and several passengers started yelling "What are you doing here cracker", and "get the fuck out white boy," according to a police report.

The car drove off, but came back a short time later, and several men—described as "Vietnamese or Cambodian gang members" wearing black hoodies—climbed out of the car and again began shouting at the victim.

The victim "tried to explain to the suspects that he was half Hawaiian" in an apparent attempt to defuse the situation, but one of the suspects pulled a shotgun out of the car and stuck it in the victim's face.

The victim "overpowered the suspect," the report says, and fought with the group of four men. "[The victim] stated that he was handling them just fine, and they quickly left the area," the report says.

The victim called 911 shortly after the incident because he believed he had broken his hand punching one of the suspects.

"[The victim] was unfazed by the events," the report says, noting that the victim is 6'1 and 400 pounds. "[He] gave no indication that he was ever concerned for his safety referencing more than one time that he had grown up in Oakland, and could take care of himself."

Medics transported the victim to Harborview for treatment.

Dear sir, you are awesome.

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