Sprint Gets Some REALLY Negative Customer Feedback

By Tom Fucoloro September 10, 2010

AT&T has got it easy. Their negative customer feedback comes in the form of a mob of Facebook complaints. Over at Sprint, things are a little more real.

An angry customer allegedly entered the Sprint store near 5th and Union downtown September 7 and demanded his phone be fixed or replaced "immediately," according to the police report (the report does not say it was Sprint, but that seems to be the only phone store in the 500 block of Union). The employee explained the repair or replacement procedure to the man, who then became so irate he chucked his phone at him.

Trying not to escalate the situation, the clerk gave the phone back to the man and explained the process to him again. And again, the man grew so angry he picked the phone up and threw it at the clerk a second time, saying, "Cancel my account."

He then stormed off towards the exit, grabbing his bike on the way out. The clerk told police the man thrust open the doors, causing them to swing shut. The pedal on his bike got stuck in the doors when they shut, so the man started yanking on the bike to free it, yelling and making a scene. He finally got the bike free and left, but not before the door was dislodged from its hinges.

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