On Other Blogs Today: Diaz Announces SPD Overhaul

By Josh Feit September 15, 2010

1) The's Strange Bedfellows blog covers Mayor Mike McGinn and SPD chief John Diaz's press conference where the pair outlined the city's response to the police shooting of Native American John T. Williams.

2) The Slog has an interview with former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. Plouffe says Dino Rossi is "lying" about Obama and the recession.

(Plouffe is at Town Hall tonight at 7:30.)

3) The Washington State Wire has the story on the federal ruling today that overturned Washington law limiting contributions in the final weeks of ballot measure campaigns.

The law was challenged by anti-gay rights activists during the R-71 campaign.

Addendum to the WSW's report: AG Rob McKenna will appeal, which pits McKenna against the anti-gay rights group once again. McKenna won a case against the R-71 group earlier this year when he argued that petition signatures should be public.
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