1) PubliCola doesn't always agree with HA Seattle, but we can certainly appreciate a classic Goldy moment: Goldy gleefully trashes Republican state rep candidate Hans Zeiger for some borderline hate speech, as well as the MSM for missing the story.

2) Writers at the Rainier Valley Post are not impressed with Mayor McGinn's lackadaisical response to growing violence in south Seattle, particularly as he pushes his nightlife initiative in Belltown and Capitol Hill.

Our own former SoulNerd Sable Verity engaged mayoral spokesman Aaron Pickus in a Twitter battle on the subject.

3) Seattle PI's Chris Grygiel deconstructs some false claims the Washington State Liquor Control Board's made to The Stranger about this year's liquor initiatives. (The LCB told the alt weekly that the initiatives would gut their funding.) The Stranger has run a clarification.

The Stranger's earlier piece, alleging a spike in arrests and prosecutions for marijuana possession, has been thoroughly debunked here, here, here, and here.
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