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McGinn to Propose Parking Rate Increase

By Erica C. Barnett September 9, 2010

Walking back from an interview with US Sen. Patty Murray (more on that shortly), I happened upon the end of a press conference by Mayor Mike McGinn at Westlake Park.

McGinn was "pulling the lever" on the city's new E-Park system, a new service that lets drivers know how many parking spaces are available in six private lots downtown. The idea is to reduce the number of people driving around downtown looking for available parking spots.

Additionally, McGinn said he plans to propose an increase in the cost of on-street parking downtown, which currently costs $2.50 an hour. The "market rate" for parking---the typical price that drivers pay to park in private lots---is $7. McGinn wouldn't say what price he planned to propose.

In a follow-up phone call, McGinn's spokesman Aaron Pickus said, "The mayor has made it clear that he is looking at all [revenue] options" to help close a budget shortfall that's now estimated at $67 million.
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