Erica will have a full report later, but here are some choice quotes from Mayor Mike McGinn's press conference this morning where he condemned city council president Richard Conlin for signing off on the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) agreement with the state on the controversial billion deep bore tunnel.

McGinn said: Conlin's action is "a serious violation of the city charter," citing article five which says all laws must be upheld by the executive, adding "this is an executive branch action to approve an eis ... it is not within the authority of the council president."

"We are a nation of laws and the city charter is our constitution," McGinn said. "This is just really fundamental. It doesn't work that if you really really love a project [Conlin is a tunnel fan], that you get to just ignore the law. The charter is still the charter."

McGinn said because yesterday was the deadline to sign and Conlin's signature is not valid, the city is no longer a co-lead on the tunnel project.

Erica is waiting for Conlin, who is holding a press conference of his own this morning.

Watch McGinn's press conference here.
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