Juvenile Court Shut Down After Water Main Break (Updated)

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 16, 2010

King County officials have shut off power and water at the Youth Service Center on 12th and Alder after a water main began leaking in the facility earlier today.

The Youth Service Center court facility is closed, according to King County Adult and Juvenile Detention spokesman Cmdr. William Hayes.

Hayes says the juvenile detention facility is still fully operational and has not been affected.

This is about the millionth thing to break at the Youth Service Center in the last few years. Last month, employees working in the YSC's Alder Tower were notified that toxic chemicals had been detected in windows, carpeting, and soil samples.

In years past, water fountains in the 40-year-old building have spewed brown water, lower floors have flooded during heavy rains, and asbestos has been found in unused parts of the facility.

In November, voters will have the chance to approve a .2-percent sales tax increase to pay for a new Youth Service Center. Or you can just let the damn thing fall down on all those troubled kids, you monster.

Update: The court will be closed tomorrow, according to King County facilities department spokeswoman Christine Lange.

Lange doesn't believe the closure will be long-term.

If you have a hearing tomorrow, it'll be rescheduled.

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