By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 15, 2010

SPD Chief John Diaz and Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer are at city hall right now running down a long list of changes coming to SPD.

In light of the recent fatal officer-involved shooting of John T. Williams, SPD is working on a "systematic top to bottom assessment of our training," according to Deputy Chief Kimerer.

Diaz says he is looking to expand officers' training in crisis intervention and deescalation—which Diaz referred to as "Verbal Judo training"—and provide police with more tools like personal video cameras and Tasers.

SPD is also "within days" of completing the investigation in the fatal shooting of John T. Williams by a Seattle police officer, according to Kimerer.

UPDATE: This press conference is turning into a total shit show. Watch it happen here.

More on the way.

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