Charges Filed In Roxhill Park Murder

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 28, 2010

Chatri Lime Thip, the 21-year-old man accused of killing 40-year-old Bernard Ray Martin in a West Seattle park last week, told police an alcohol-related "rage" problem led him to beat Martin to death.

Police records say a woman found Martin laying on the ground in Roxhill park around 7:30am on September 22nd.

Martin, 40, had been beaten to death and dragged through the park. Martin was found without his shoes or shirt, and was "extraordinarily dirty," police records say. His wallet had also been removed and dumped on the ground.

Police found a number of beer cans and bottles at the scene, and eventually learned the Thip had stolen the beer from a Safeway near the park the night of the murder.

According to police, following the theft, Thip went to Roxhill park with several other men, and were later approached by Martin, who bought two of the stolen beers for a dollar and left.

Martin later approached Thip again in the park, and the two men got into a dispute.

Thip told police that "for no apparent reason" he, or one of several other men at the scene, "punched Martin, knocking him to the ground." Thip told police he repeatedly punched and kicked Martin, and "jumped off a small wall into the air, landing on [Martin's] chest or back."

Thip then picked up the shopping cart, and slammed it down on Martin, police records say.

The attack fractured Martin's ribs, suffocating him.

Thip told police the "only explanation for what he did to the victim was the he experiences 'rage' when he drinks."

Police records indicate that while detectives were interviewing Thip, they learned he still had Martin's blood on his pants.

In addition to Thip's previous case for rendering criminal assistance (which we just posted about) court records say he also has convictions for auto theft and assault.

Thip is being held at the King County Jail on $1 million bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned on October 12th.

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