Beauty Contestant Attacks Bartender in Capitol Hill

By Tom Fucoloro September 29, 2010

A beauty contestant attacked a bartender the night of Sept. 25 near Olive and Boylston after she refused to serve him because he cut in line. The bartender told police she continued serving the people he had cut, angering the contestant. He threatened to beat her up, according to the police report.

The victim went to the owner of the bar and told him about the contestant's threat. He then spoke with the suspect and convinced him to apologize to the victim. The contestant did so and gave her a hug.

When the bartender took a smoke break across the street, the suspect approached her and confronted her about "snitching" on him to the owner. He then allegedly grabbed her around the neck and started to choke her. She was able to get a kick in, but then he punched her several times. He then walked away.

The victim told police people saw the attack from across the street, including bar security, but did not intervene. When she went inside and told the owner what happened, he told her to get back to work.

She quit.

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