And Now It's Time For Some Serious SPD Wonkery

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee September 15, 2010

At this morning's press conference, SPD Chief John Diaz announced that several members of command staff were being re-tasked and reshuffled. So who's going where?

Assistant chief Nick Metz has been promoted to deputy chief. He's been an acting deputy chief for awhile now.

Former East Precinct Captain Paul McDonagh, who has also been an acting chief, has been promoted to assistant chief.

Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Paulsen has been promoted to captain of the SW Precinct.

Former Southwest Precinct Captain Joe Kessler now going to West Precinct.

Former West Precinct Captain Steve Brown will now take command of SPD's training unit.

Captain Neil Low will take over the Metro Special Response section of the department.

Captain Ron Wilson is the commander of new community relations section.

Captain Richard Belshay is taking over the traffic section

And former traffic section commander Captain Mike fann will take over Homeland Security in the department.

Director of Community Relations John Hays took a bit of a pay cut. Hays was receiving captain-level pay. He's now apparently getting bumped down to his actual pay grade of lieutenant.

And finally, while SPD seemed to imply that these shifts were part of their plan to reevaluate the department's structure in light of the fatal shooting of John T. Williams, we've heard that these changes were routine and had been coming for some time.


How's that for some SPD inside baseball?

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