Afternoon Jolt: $30 Million for the Mercer Mess

By Afternoon Jolt September 8, 2010

Winner: People who hate the Mercer Mess, Men in Hard Hats

Dino Rossi has been hammering away at Senator Patty Murray for being a spendy liberal. His campaign has blamed the deficit in part on the stimulus package, and said that earmarks are evil (or something to that affect). Over and over, Rossi has slung mud at Murray's stimulus-loving, money-shoveling record.

True to form, Murray was at Mercer & Westlake  today to announce a $30 million TIGER grant to convert Mercer into a three-lane, two-way street.

As the reports, Murray, flanked by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, and Governor Chris Gregoire, had this to say: "This investment is a critical piece of Seattle's transportation infrastructure. It's going to cut down on commute time. It will help our local businesses grow and it will help clean up that Mercer mess. Most importantly ... it will help put people back to work."

Also on the scene? Construction workers in hard hats and construction garb thankful for the jobs the project will provide. No word yet on whether or not Rossi thinks that $30 million in stimulus money for the Mercer Mess is a failure.

Loser: Dino Rossi

Try to spin that one your way. Just try.
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