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By Afternoon Jolt September 3, 2010

Today's winner: Knoll Lowney

The country's most prominent conservative paper, the Wall Street Journal, felt compelled to write an editorial condemning lefty Seattle attorney Knoll Lowney for his anti-Rossi tricks.

Congrats Knoll.

The WSJ is aghast a Lowney's successful record:

Mr. Lowney convinced a judge to allow him to depose Mr. Rossi—eight days before the 2008 election. Mr. Rossi arrived at the Lowney deposition to a swarm of cameras, and the spectacle was enough to sow doubt in voters' minds. True, 2008 was a bad year for Republicans—but the deposition certainly played a role in Mr. Rossi's defeat.

2. Today's Second Winner: Mayor Mike McGinn

Major props to Mayor Mike McGinn for attending the vigil for John T. Williams  at the Chief Seattle Club, a Native American support agency, in Pioneer Square last night. Williams was killed in seriously questionable shooting by a rookie SPD officer on Monday, August 30.

McGinn (and city attorney Pete Holmes and Seattle City Council Member Sally Bagshaw) demonstrated real class by showing up at a potentially hostile scene. Seattle City Coumcil Member and Public Safety Committee Chair Tim Burgess was not there, telling PubliCola, "It was not on my radar. I just got back from vacation that day and went straight to the Storm game."
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