After Yelling Match, Racist Driver Hits Biker in U District

By Tom Fucoloro September 3, 2010

An apparently racist driver assaulted a biker in the U District after the two got into an argument. He then spit on him and called him a racial slur, according to the police report.

Two bikers were headed south around noon August 30 on the sidewalk along the west side of 11th (which is one-way headed north). A driver finished using the drive-through at Roosevelt and 45th (likely the WSECU ATM) and drove across the parking lot to make a left onto 11th, heading north.

The victim told police the driver was driving so fast he thought he was going to be hit, so he yelled at the driver to slow down. Both the bikers and the car came to complete stops, and the suspect and victim started yelling at each other. After a little yelling, the victim continued riding and passed in front of the suspect's vehicle. The suspect then allegedly ran into the victim, knocking him to the ground. He then "drove around [the victim] spitting on him and calling him a 'nigger,'" according to the report. The report does not note the victim's race. The driver then fled the scene.

The victim was not injured, and his bike was not damaged. He and the other biker tried to catch up with the suspect, but they lost him after he turned onto 50th. The plate information they provided did not match the suspect's vehicle, a silver Honda Accord.

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