With Friends Like These...

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 25, 2010

A South Seattle man told police he was beaten and nearly stabbed by a group of friends near Rainier Beach High School last week, according to a police report.

Shortly before 11:30pm on August 20th, police received a call about an assault at Seward Park Ave S and South Henderson St.

At the scene, officers found a male victim, who was bleeding from his left arm and had bruises on his face, and told officers he'd been jumped by three men.

"He told me that one of these suspects...threw a rock at his head while another, suspect...tried to stab him with a knife," Officer Tom Umporowicz Jr. wrote in his report. "The victim stated that he was tricked into going to Seward Park his friend, who wanted to meet him there."

The man told officer Umporowicz that he "had an altercation" with two of the suspects earlier in the week, and that "they were waiting to retaliate against him."

The man told police the suspects live near the scene of the assault.

Police took the victim home, but it doesn't appear they made any arrests.

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