The Morning Blotter: Man Knocked Out by Bar Stool Attack in Belltown

By Tom Fucoloro August 16, 2010

A quick bar fight in Belltown left one man unconscious on his back after being struck in the head by a bar stool. The fight occurred around 8:20 p.m. August 9 in a bar on 2nd Ave near Blanchard, according to the police report.

The victim and attacker were inside the bar when they started having a heated argument. The suspect then allegedly escalated the situation by pushing the victim off his bar stool and onto his back. The suspect then picked up a bar stool and swung it by the legs, striking the victim in the forehead and knocking him unconscious. The suspect and a friend then fled the bar.

Police spoke with the bouncer, who did not see the attack. He did, however, hear that the victim may have threatened to pull a gun on the suspect before the suspect's attack. The bouncer also said the suspect was a regular and had never caused problems before.

Police searched the victim and found a butterfly knife, but no gun. When he came to, he was unable to recall anything about the incident. He was transported to the hospital.

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