PubliCola Picks Geoff Simpson for State Rep., 47th Legislative District, Position 1

By PublicolaPicks August 4, 2010

Rep. Geoff Simpson (D-47, Covington, Renton Highlands, Kent, Black Diamond) is currently facing a misdemeanor assault charge. This  is the second time he's been accused in a domestic dispute with his ex-wife. The charges were dropped in the first case two years ago.

Simpson, like every criminal defendant, is entitled to his day in a court of law; to date, that court has not determined whether Simpson is guilty of the crime. Nothing excuses domestic violence, and if Simpson is found guilty, he should resign his seat immediately and withdraw from the race.

Nonetheless, we're endorsing Simpson now because he has been one of the most vocal liberals in the legislature, particularly on environmental and transportation issues. He also regularly defies Democratic house leadership. Something that's sorely needed in Olympia.

In the last two years, Simpson has been a strong supporter of rules requiring dense, transit-oriented development around light-rail stations; fought for light-rail expansion across I-90; fought to give transit districts like King County Metro the right to ask voters for transit funding; sponsored legislation to enhance criminal penalties for drivers who injure cyclists; sponsored legislation protecting the state's shorelines; and, standing up for the dissident Blue-Green caucus, he voted against a state House budget that failed to restore cuts to human and social services.

Simpson's leading opponent, Boeing instructor pilot Mark Hargrove, is a conservative Republican who supported Tim Eyman's property-tax-capping Initiative 747; wants to eliminate taxes on soda, candy, bottled water, and beer that pay for health and human services; and has signed a ridiculous pledge to never raise taxes if he's elected.

PubliCola picks Geoff Simpson.
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