Prosecutors Charge Wallingford Bank Robber

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 5, 2010

A 53-year-old homeless man accused of robbing a Wallingford bank late last month told police he has no memory of the robbery due to a "drug-induced blackout."

Court documents say Harry Michael Levasseur walked into the Key Bank on Brooklyn Ave and NE 45th and demanded money. Levasseur allegedly told a staff member "I need some money now. They are going to kill my child," and received $210.

Police identified Levasseur from surveillance footage, and officers found him sleeping in Wallingford Park four days after the robbery.

According to court records—which list Levasseur's home address as a Pioneer Square homeless shelter—has previously only been charged with relatively minor crimes, including drug possession, trespassing, and theft.

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