Prosecutors Charge Three For Pimping Teenage Runaway

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 12, 2010

Two 30-year-old men and a 25-year-old woman are facing charges for pimping out a teenage runaway after, prosecutors say, the trio provided a 16-year-old girl with clothes and high heels, and set up an online escort ad for the teen.

Prosecutors have charged Hannah Arlene Beasley, Jock Wayne Ellis, and Lebret Marquis Richardson with promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor after Vice/High-Risk Victims Recovery unit detectives raided their Everett apartment earlier this month.

According to court records, detectives found the missing 16-year-old in the trio's apartment after the girl's family found her ad on and reported it to police, who also found several of Beasley's escort ads on the site.

On August 3rd, Vice/HRVU detectives called the number listed on the 16-year-old girl's ad, and set up a meeting at a north Seattle motel.

The girl came to the room, where she was taken into custody by police.

The girl told detectives she had run away from home two weeks ago, and that man she had met on Myspace took her in at his Everett apartment.

Not long after, Beasley, Richardson, and Ellis allegedly set up an ad for the girl, and scheduled at least two "dates" for her.

Court records say Beasley was in charge of teaching the 16-year-old girl the ropes of the prostitution industry.

In the criminal enterprise of prostitution, defendant Beasley is commonly (and sadly) referred to as a "bottom bitch."

Richardson and Beasley have a romantic relationship, but that does not stop...Richardson from making money off Beasley's acts of prostitution.

Beasley is responsible for "coordinating 'dates' and schooling [the 16-year-old] on what to charge these 'dates'"

Prosecutors have asked that the Beasley, Richardson, and Ellis not have contact with the victim or any other minors.

Richardson has prior convictions for violating a no contact order, interfering with reporting a domestic violence call, cocaine possession, driving with a suspended license, possession of stolen property, pot possession, malicious mischief, harassment, and multiple convictions for of assault, domestic violence assault, and theft.

Ellis has prior convictions for assault, interference with a domestic violence report, property destruction, harassment, driving with a suspended license, theft, drug possession, violation of work release, auto theft, attempting to elude police, malicious mischief, and burglary.

Beasley has convictions for possession of stolen property, drug paraphernalia, drug possession, and driving with a suspended license.

The three are scheduled to be arraigned on August 18th.

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