Police Rounded Up Gang Members Before Seafair

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 3, 2010

As has become an annual tradition for the Seattle Police Department, members of the SWAT, Anti-Crime Team, and Gang Unit rounded up at least eight alleged gang members several days before this year's Seafair Torchlight Parade, police sources tell

In 2003, two teens were stabbed and one woman were shot in two unrelated incidents at the Seafair Torchlight parade. One of the men stabbed during the event was a known gang member, who was later convicted in a fatal shooting.

In recent years, police have rounded up potential "troublemakers" before Seafair in the hopes of keeping volatile gang members away from the crowds that pack downtown for the parade each year.

Last year, police also arrested eight gang members right before Torchlight, although they didn't stay in jail for long. In spite of the crackdown, gang detectives were called out during the festival after one person was shot in the foot.

Our sources tell us all the gang members arrested in this year's round up all had outstanding warrants. We're checking with SPD for more information on the alleged gang members arrested last Thursday, and we'll report back if we find anything interesting.

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