Police Arrest Two Men For BB Drive By, Find A Bunch of Pot

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 24, 2010

I don't know how or when it happened, but West Seattle has apparently become the go-to destination for BB gun hunters to stalk their prey.

Around 11:30pm on August 19th, a man was walking in the 7200 block of California Ave SW when a black Ford pickup drove by. Someone in the truck fired a bb gun out of the car, striking the man in the arm.

The man jumped in his car, followed the truck, and called 911.

The man described the truck to police and said he could see the barrel of a gun sticking out the passenger-side window.

Police located the truck and began following it, when they saw someone in the car throw a large cardboard box thrown from the passenger window.

Officers pulled the truck over and spoke with the driver and passenger, who surrendered a air soft gun and pellet rifle, and admitted to shooting one person and two vehicles. Police also recovered the cardboard box, which contained 41.8 grams of marijuana.

One of the men in the truck told police the marijuana "was for his brother's birthday."

The victim told police he didn't want to pursue charges, so police took the guns and pot and released the two suspects.

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