Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Attacked, Tried to Pimp Out Woman

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 24, 2010

Seattle police arrested a man near Bitter Lake last week after he allegedly tried to get a woman to work as a prostitute, and attacked her when she refused.

Police were called to 145th and Stone Ave N around 2:40am on August 18th after receiving a report of the assault.

Officers stopped and confronted the male suspect, who turned around and ran behind a house. Officers drew their weapons and followed the man, who "disappeared into the bushes."

Police then contacted the female victim out on the street. The woman was bleeding from her lip and complained that one of her teeth had been knocked loose, the report says.

The woman told officers she was at a party at an apartment earlier in the evening when the suspect approached her and told her "I should get on that check and get that money."

According to the report, this apparently means the man was trying to get the victim "to become one of his prostitutes." When the woman told the man she wasn't interested in being one of his prostitutes, he punched her in the face, the report says.

Officers called in K-9 to search for the suspect, and went back to the apartment where the victim had been earlier in the evening. Although they initially couldn't find the suspect, officers later received information that the suspect had been hiding under the couch inside of the apartment, and had since fled.

Police eventually found the man at Interlake and 143rd and took him into custody. Officers booked the man into the King County Jail for assault.

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