On Other Blogs Today: Democrats Say No to a Special Session

By Bryce McKay August 3, 2010

1. Seattle Transit Blog unveiled its primary endorsements today: Notables include transit champ Marko Liias, and liberals Joe Fitzgibbon and Rep. Geoff Simpson (currently under fire for the second allegation of spousal abuse against him).

2. Erica tweeted about this grand defense of government, so we're dropping it into On Other Blogs Today as well: Washington Policy Watch has it.

3. Brad Shannon at the Olympian's PoliBlog reports that Democrats aren't likely to hold a special session to fix the budget.

4. The Seattle Weekly blog has a hilarious analysis of the upcoming movie, Grassroots—the story of failed Seattle City Council candidate Grant Cogswell.

5. And finally, the Puget Sound Transit Operators blog discloses the secret, lavish life of a bus driver.
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