More Bike Racks at Melrose Market. Please.

By Josh Feit August 16, 2010

I was going to be Bertolet or ECB or Josh Cohen and file a little green living, C is for Crank, BikeNerd of my own today—criticizing the new Melrose Market development on Melrose between Pike and Pine for its lack of bike racks.

It's a bone headed move that there are so few places to lock up—especially given that the urban market was designed by Liz Dunn (a green architect who Erica and I once named a "One-to-Watch" Stranger Genius back when ECB and I were at the Stranger and they gave out political genius awards.)

But my pro-bike rack rant got complicated. I mistakenly left my bike at the Melrose development on Friday night after hitting the CD shop and the bar, locked awkwardly to a makeshift rack, the handrail leading up the steps to Sonic Boom. I went out of town this weekend and my bike sat there over 48 hours.

I forgot about it until this morning, and when I dashed over there on my way to work to grab my bike, I found this note:

Do not lock your Shitty bike to our handrail. It is unsightly and an eyesore and may make it difficult for our older customers to enter our store. There are many places on this block where you can lock up. Look!! across the street!! A Bike Rack!! Have some respect Please. Thnx. Management.

My apologies to the management. And I do know what a drag it is when someone leaves their bike like that. (Someone locked their two bikes up to the rack outside PubliCola's office for over two months without moving them.)

But honestly, there aren't "many places" to lock up at the new (supposedly) urban development on Melrose. There is one of those small converted-parking-meter lock ups that holds two bikes max (it was full on Friday night), but that's it.

And for what it's worth: I'm one of your older customers. I bought an '80s Sonic Youth record at your store on Friday night.
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