Lynnwood Police Add ZEB to Their Most Wanted Tagger List

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 2, 2010

Just weeks after prolific tagger ZEB allegedly trashed a Lynnwood strip mall, the Lynnwood police have added ZEB to their "Most Wanted" list, and are offering cash bounties for information which lead police to other taggers.

Lynnwood PD Sergeant TJ Brooks says ZEB did more than $6,000 in damage to several businesses at 44th and 198th St several weeks ago, which was removed "within hours."

According to Brooks, a small number of taggers are responsible for the majority of vandalism in Lynnwood, and the department is aggressively targeting those them by offering up as much as $100 for information which helps police identify taggers or get convictions.

While the city of Lynnwood is facing potentially devastating budget cuts in the coming months, Brooks says the cost of the department's Most Wanted program is relatively low, when compared to the potential cost of clean-up for business owners.

"Graffiti [abatement] is a very expensive undertaking," Brooks says. "But we only have about a dozen taggers working Lynnwood in a year.  [The program's] pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of things."

Brooks says the program's been around for several months, and so far the department hasn't had any takers. However, Brooks says the department is working to advertise the program on buses soon in the hopes of bringing in more tips.

In other news, I'm quitting to become a graffiti bounty hunter.

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