Lawsuit Alleges Seattle Police Beat Teen During Jaywalking Arrest

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee August 18, 2010

Seattle Times:

A Seattle teen who says he was beaten by three Seattle police officers after he jaywalked near his home in the Queen Anne neighborhood last summer has filed a lawsuit against the Police Department and the City of Seattle.

Joseph Wilson was talking on his cellphone while walking in the 600 block of West Smith Street on the evening of July 21, 2009, when he was confronted by Officer Daniel Amador, according to the lawsuit filed this week in King County Superior Court

Wilson, then 17, told the officer that he did not have any identification, but said that he lived nearby. Wilson also told the officer that his family is friends with Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel.

Wilson said that Amador told him to call Pugel, but instead he called a friend's father to report what was going on, the lawsuit said. Wilson said that Amador then cursed at him, grabbed him by the arm and tried to yank him into his patrol car.

Amador told Wilson that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest — a false claim, according to the lawsuit — and was taking him into custody.

Wilson claims that 3 months after the first incident, another police officer threw him to the ground during a separate arrest. The department's Office of Professional Accountability cleared officers in both incidents.

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