"Anything Less is Trouble."

By Josh Feit August 16, 2010

Despite this prediction and this one (!), I'm not so good at the punditry thing.

So, I asked expert Jennifer Duffy, Senior Editor at D.C.'s Cook Political Report, the venerable non-partisan soothsayers, to tell me what was what on the Patty Murray v. Dino Rossi race.

Here's what she said about looking at Sen. Murray's numbers on Tuesday night:
"50 percent or above is a win; 45 percent to 50 percent is a gray area, and anything less is trouble."

As for looking at Rossi's numbers, Duffy told us: "I think the most important thing to look at is the total GOP vote since it represents the anti-incumbent vote."

And we did some analysis of our own on Friday, thinking out loud about Rossi and Didier's numbers.
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