Winners: Republican legislative candidates

Just two days ago, when President Obama signed the $26 billion state aid legislation into law, we made Democratic legislative candidates the day's winners because the federal money apparently rescued the state budget—making more budget drama this election season seem unlikely.

But with the governor facing the reality of wilting revenues, she announced today that more fiscal surgery was in order.

Seizing the political opportunity, the GOP immediately began demanding another special session. They may not get one (Gregoire can just do across-the-board cuts herself), but the fuss is sure to embarrass the Democrats through November.

Loser: The Bellevue City Council

A majority of the Bellevue City Council  got some bad news today about their preferred light-rail alignment through Bellevue, which Sound Transit has opposed all along.

The official analysis: The council's alignment, which would skip the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride to run alongside I-405, failing to serve as many jobs or residences, would cost more (as much as $170 million more), would require tearing down 12 homes, and require more engineering work than Sound Transit's alternative.
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