Winners: Democratic state legislators up for reelection.

Antsy D candidates got some good news today. It's official: There won't be a special session to deal with the state budget.

The House passed, and President Obama signed, legislation providing $26 billion in aid to states. That translates into $340 million in Medicaid money for Washington State.

The state Democrats' budget—already controversial enough on the campaign trail for raising taxes and suspending Tim Eyman's I-960—was predicated on the federal money. Without that cash, Gov. Chris Gregoire would have been forced to call a special session to deal with the budget right in the middle of campaign season, calling even more attention to the Democrats' albatross.

Losers: Candidates who oppose education reform.

Stand for Children, the independent expenditure committee that's spending on candidates who support SFC's Obama-esque ed reform agenda, dropped more than $28,000 in the past two days in support of their choice candidates, including Mike Heavey in the 34th,  Cathy Dahlquist in the 31st, and Steve Hobbs in the 44th.

That makes their opponents—Joe Fitzgibbon and Marcee Stone; Shawn Bunney and Peggy Levesque; and Lillian Kaufer, respectively—today's losers.
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