Afternoon Jolt

By Afternoon Jolt August 25, 2010

Today's winner: Jaime Herrera.

In the southwest Washington Congressional district that has been represented for 12 years by retiring Democrat Brian Baird, Republican State Rep. Jaime Herrera is leading Democrat Denny Heck in a new KING-5/Survey USA poll, 54 to 41 percent. Heck narrowly beat Herrera in a six-way primary.

Herrera got strong support from people who view the Tea Party favorably (90 percent) and by self-identified conservatives (88 percent), as well as from gun owners, people who attend religious services regularly, and people who identified themselves as "pro-life."

Unsurprisingly, Herrera has strong support from Republicans, who support her 9 to 1, and Heck has strong support from Democrats, who support him 8 to  1.

Today's loser: The 48th District Democrats.

Democrats in the 48th Legislative District—the Eastside Seattle burbs—had their web site hacked earlier this afternoon by someone who left this unintelligible message:

(In case you can't read it, the top line says "In the Name of GOD" and the bottom line reads, "Iranian Data Coders Security Team." At the top, in tiny type, it says "Hacked by IRANIAN Datacoders.")


The state Democratic Party tipped the 48th District to the prank and the site was partly back up and running late this afternoon.
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