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By Afternoon Jolt August 18, 2010

Winner: Patty Murray

The second batch is in and Murray's 46.42 percent number is bigger than Dino Rossi's and Clint Didier's combined 45.71.

Yes, there were 11 other candidates on the ballot including Goodspaceguy (.34 percent) and Mike the Mover (.44 percent), but it we were also supposedly looking at an energized Republican base.

Expect a much more activated Democratic base in November—the high-earners income tax is on the ballot and, well, it's not mid August—and Murray's numbers (she's currently beating Rossi 2 to 1 in King County where Rossi is below 28 percent, by the way)—are looking pretty good.

Loser: State Rep. Geoff Simpson

Speaking of combined totals: Incumbent state Rep. Geoff Simpson (D-47, Renton Highlands, Kent, Covington) is at 39.48 percent while his two Republican opponents combine for over 60 percent. There were no other candidates in the race.

Pilot instructor and Tea Party-esque Mark Hargrove, who's at 38.75 percent and is just 132 votes behind Simpson, will face Simpson in the general.

Simpson, as has been widely reported, has been charged with domestic violence related misdemeaner by his ex-wife.
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