Afternoon Fizz: Fitzgibbon Voters' Guide Statement is Accurate

By Josh Feit August 9, 2010

Another Chris Bushnell story? Nope.

In his statement for the King County voters' guide, 34th District state representative candidate Joe Fitzgibbon writes:
UW Evans School of Public Affairs; BA History & Political Science, Principia College

Rumors have been going around this week (including in our comments thread today) that Fitzgibbon actually did not attend the Evans School, U.W.'s prestigious public policy grad program.

Fitzgibbon was, in fact, in the masters program at the Evans School, although he did not graduate.

Fitzgibbon tells PubliCola that he was admitted to the Master of Public Administration program as an official student and took three courses at the Evans School—one in the fall of 2008 (microeconomic policy analysis), one in the summer of 2009 (political communication), and another in the Fall of 2009 (financial management and budgeting)—bookending his work during the year as a legislative aide to state Rep. Sharon Nelson (D-34), whose seat he's now trying to fill. (Nelson is moving to the state senate.)

He says he stopped this year when he decided he was going to run for office.

The Evans School confirms that Fitzgibbon took those classes and was admitted to the masters program in 2008.
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