"this city needs some stitches"

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 29, 2010

Interim SPD Chief John Diaz took a bit of a beating during public testimony at a confirmation hearing yesterday. My BOLD prediction*: It won't matter.

Seattle Times:

Anger about a videotaped June 14 jaywalking stop bubbled over Wednesday night at a public hearing about whether to confirm John Diaz as Seattle's new police chief.

The incident, in which a Seattle police officer punched an African-American teenager in Rainier Valley after she pushed him, was brought up repeatedly during the two-hour hearing by people who said Diaz and other Seattle leaders had not responded strongly enough.

The police officer involved is the subject of an internal investigation, and Diaz has said he can't talk much about the incident because of the investigation, but many at the hearing were furious that he hasn't spoken out against the officer's actions.

Most critics of Diaz at the hearing spoke about the jaywalking incident and what they view as Diaz's poor relationship with the black community. The acting chief's supporters from a number of communities — including some African Americans — praised him for his character and his long record of work as a Seattle officer.

*I'm kidding! The man could drunkenly back a patrol car over a cardboard box full of kittens and it wouldn't matter at this point. **

** Yes it would.

Also, re: the headline:


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