The Morning Robbery Round-Up

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 29, 2010

It seems like a good day for a robbery round-up!

July 25th, 9:00pm, 4th and Pine

The victim stated that he was downtown to switch buses in order to head home to the Queen Anne neighborhood. As he walked in the area bounded by the south side of Westlake Mall, 4th Ave and Pine St, the two suspects approached him.

One suspect offered to buy the iPod that the victim held in his hand. After the victim refused, both suspects began beating him.

Eventually they knocked him to the ground and took the iPod. The suspects left on foot in an unknown direction. The victim took the next available bus to his home and called 911 from there. The victim heard one suspect say " let's go" at some point. The victim's mother, the complainant, was present during the interview.

July 25th, 10: 19pm, 12th and Jefferson

On 7/25/10 I was dispatched to [the victim's apartment] with SFD for a man who stated he was assaulted in the 1200 block of E Jefferson St. Radio advised the assault occurred 15 minutes or so before the victim (who returned home) called to report the incident.

When I arrived I spoke with [the victim] He stated he was walking in the 1200 block of E Jefferson St when he was approached by a group of males he did not know. The only description of the males [the victim] was able to provide was four Native America males in their mid-twenties all wearing dark clothing.

[The victim] stated when the males approached him they asked if they could have a cigarette. [The victim] said when he told them he didn't have any cigarettes, one of the men struck him in the head from behind. He stated the blow felt like it came from a hard object. 

[The victim] said the blow caused him to fall to the ground and lose consciousness. He stated when he woke up the unknown males were gone. [He] then returned home and called 911. [He] was treated at the scene by SFD for a large to the [redacted] of his [redacted] He was then transported to Harborview...for further treatment.

July 26th, 11:49am, 45th and Brooklyn

I responded to...13xx NE 45th Street, in reference to a report of a bank robbery, which, just occurred.

Dispatch advised of a white male approximately 6'03" wearing glasses a black jacket with a striped shirt carrying a Fireworks shopping bag, who just robbed [redacted bank name].

The [suspect] left on foot westbound. Upon arrival to the scene I contacted the witness and reporting party to the incident who I identified by a Washington State driver's license as [redacted] who stated she was working at the bank as a teller when she observed a white male standing approximately 6'03" weighing 160-170 pounds, wearing glasses, a black jacket, with a striped shirt, enter the bank.

The male approached [the woman's]  teller window. [S]he greeted the man, who then replied by saying "I need money now, they are going to kill my kid, don't push any alarms, I need money now". The male then presented a fireworks shopping bag, which he held in his hands for [the teller] to place money into.

[She] grabbed an undetermined amount of money, which was in ten and twenty dollar denominations, and placed them into the shopping bag.

[The teller] stated the male exited the bank without further incident and walked westbound on NE 45th Street.

[The teller's] manager approached her and asked her what happened. [She] told the manager of the robbery at which time the manager told [her] to phone the police.

[The teller told police] the male suspect never touched the counter or grabbed any of the money.

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