The Morning Blotter: Woman Rips Off Car Mirror, Smashes Window, Bleeds All Over Victim

By Tom Fucoloro July 16, 2010

A word of advice to anyone who thinks they may want to steal a car some day: Learn to drive a stick shift.

A woman went ape shit on an occupied car, then tried to steal it around 2 p.m. July 13 near Rainier Ave and S Rose Street. She then attacked the driver and chased him down the street before being arrested by police, all while bleeding from her hand.

The police report begins when the victim sees the attacker get out of a car next to his. When he tried to drive away, she blocked his way. She then came around to his driver's side window and tore off the rearview mirror. She smashed the driver's side window with the mirror, cutting her hand.

Scared, the man got out of the car and she got in. She tried to flee in his vehicle, but was unable to operate the car because she didn't know how to drive a stick shift. After giving up and bleeding all over the interior of the car, she got out and attacked the man, scratching his face and bleeding all over him.

He tried to flee, and she chased after him with a large stone she had picked up. Eventually, she dropped the stone and ran away.

Police stopped her a short distance away and were able to identify her based on the clothing description and the fact that her hand was bleeding. She was placed under arrest.

It's unclear from the report if the two had any prior interaction or if they knew each other.

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