The Morning Blotter: Panhandler Harasses Man, Steals $400

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 22, 2010

One man claims he was robbed by a panhandler in South Seattle, who followed the victim around a store, onto a bus, and back out onto the street before he made off with a wad of the victim's cash.

At about 1:30pm on July 16th, the panhandler approached the victim outside of a store at Rainier Ave S and S Fisher Pl and asked for a dollar.

A police report says the victim told the man he'd "give him a dollar when he left."

The panhandler then allegedly followed the victim around the store, down the street, and onto the #7 bus.

The victim, unaware that the suspect had followed him onto the bus, got off one stop later, where the suspect again approached him and continued to ask for a dollar.

When the victim finally relented and pulled out a his wallet, the suspect slapped it out of his hands, picked it up, took about $400 out of it, and fled.

Police were able to get a picture of the suspect from a nearby store's surveillance video, but the report does not indicate that police have made an arrest.

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