The Morning Blotter: Crime Scene? What Crime Scene?

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 6, 2010

According to police, staff at the Beacon Hill nightclub Saigon Nice have hindered investigations into several stabbings by cleaning up crime scenes before officers arrive.

"Previous incidents at this location including stabbings have been cleaned up by the staff prior to police arrival," Officer Adam Thorp wrote in a report on a stabbing at the club late last month, "which has made evidence collection and crime scene preservation impossible."

In the most recent incident on June 23rd, police were called to Saigon Nice at Columbia Dr S and S Ferdinand after several stabbing victims called 911 from outside the club.

Around 12:30pm, officers arrived at the scene and found several men "bleeding badly."

One man had been stabbed in the head and neck, another had cuts to his abdomen and back, and another man had bumps and bruises, the report says.

One victim told police he was sitting at a table inside the nightclub when another man approached one of his friends and said "I hear you're talking shit!" 

The exchanged sparked a melee, and members of both groups began throwing bottles and chairs around the club.

During the altercation, the suspect grabbed a piece of broken bottle and began stabbing the victims, who ran out of the club and called police.

When officers and gang unit detectives arrived, they found blood outside the club's front door, which had been locked. The owner of the business let police inside, where officers found the floor had been freshly mopped.

Officers found broken glass and blood in the club but, according to Officer Thorp's report, "it appeared as though attempts were being made to clean up the crime scene prior to police arrival."

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