The Morning Blotter: Creepy-Ass Attempted Robbery On First/Capitol Hill

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 8, 2010

Seattle police are looking for a creepy suspect who attacked a woman as she left a bar on Capitol Hill last week.

According to a police report, the woman went to Capitol Hill on July 3rd to meet a group of friends. When the woman was unable to "find or meet up" with her friends, she went to a bar on Broadway near Pike/Pine and walked to her car around 2:30 or 3:00am.

As the woman approached her car at Broadway and James, a man came "out of nowhere and grabbed her from behind, ripping her shirt," the report says.

The woman thought the man was trying to rob her, and threw her purse on the ground hoping the man would leave her alone.

"Instead," the report says, "the suspect wrapped one of his arms around her neck, putting her in a choke hold, attempting to strangle her."

The woman struggled to get free, but the man pinned her arms behind her and told the woman "If you didn't act the way you do, I wouldn't have to do this to you."

During the attack, the woman fell to the ground and tried to grab for her phone, but the man stepped on her hand and her phone, cracking the screen.

"The assault/attack soon ended as soon as it began," the report says, and the suspect "unexpectedly helped [the woman] off of the ground, brushed her shoulders off, and even tried to re-arrange the shirt he had just ripped over her shoulders." He then told the woman "I'm really sorry" and fled.

The woman went home after the attack and met police at a hospital the next day. She described the suspect as a black male, early to mid 30s, approximately six feet tall, with a medium build, very little facial hair, and a "tight fade." The woman told police her attack spoke "very fast, as if he was "high" or as if he knew her."

The report says the woman sustained injuries and bruises to her foot, ribs, fingers, neck, and shoulders in the attack.

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