The Morning Blotter: Borrowed car stolen after man picks up prostitute

By Tom Fucoloro July 28, 2010

Unfortunately, I don't think this guy's friends are going to let him borrow their stuff for a while.

After using crack, picking up a prostitute and taking her to an Aurora hotel, a man woke up with a knife poking his face near his eye around 6 a.m. July 6. The man with the knife stole the guy's cell phone and the keys to a car he was borrowing from a friend, according to the police report.

"Give me your car keys," the robber allegedly said. "Don't call the cops. I'll be back in awhile to give your car back. I got your cell phone, and I know where you work. My people will find you if you call the police."

After waiting, hoping the robber would actually return, the man finally decided to call the police. The staff at the hotel told him that the robber was a gang member and has done this before.

No suspects were located.

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