The Morning Blotter: Big Police Response After Man Finds Guns Near Greenlake

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 2, 2010

A 911 call about a man with a rifle on the street in the Roosevelt neighborhood sparked a big police response earlier this week.

At about 8:45om on June 30th, police received a report that a group of men were standing around a white Mazda at 77th Ave NE and NE 14th, displaying a rifle, a police report says.

Police flooded the neighborhood, and officers executed a "high-risk stop" on a white car in the area. Officers pulled four passengers out of the vehicle before they realized they had the wrong car.

Police headed back to 77th and 14th, and found the man who was supposedly wielding the rifle on the street.

The man told police he'd "found the two rifles near Greenlake," and was showing one of them off to his friends.

The report says the man told police he planned on selling the rifles, but instead handed them over to officers to be destroyed.

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