By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 9, 2010

The American Civil Liberties Union alleges the University of Washington Police Department authorized an undercover officer to attend, participate in and collect information about meetings of the UW Student Worker Coalition -- a group they say was being improperly monitored.

On April 8, the undercover officer participated in the SWC meeting to plan a May 3 campus demonstration.

E-mails distributed by the ACLU, obtained through public disclosure, indicate police were gathering information for a May 3 protest or strike. At the April 1 meeting, roughly a dozen people discussed a possible strike by UW custodians they said were the victims of injustices, according to one of the e-mails.

"I did not hear any talk about taking a major arterial or freeway," Officer Tanesha Van Leuven wrote in one of the e-mails distributed by the ACLU. "I did not hear where they would exactly 'march' on campus. I will attempt to locate the location of the next meeting to see if a plain clothes officer could fit in."

UW says they've already addressed this issue, and it shouldn't have happened, etc.

In other news, this is by no means the only local political group that's been infiltrated by a law enforcement agency. True story.

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