The deadline for getting checks in the door for the latest quarter of fundraising was yesterday (reports aren't due until July 15), and GOP hopeful Dino Rossi held a swank fundraiser in Manhattan last night.

Politico reports that Paul Singer, who founded the hedge fund Elliott Associates, threw a fundraiser for several Republican Senate candidates.

The Democrats pounced:
"Dino Rossi has made it clear that he will pick Wall Street over Main Street, and Wall Street executives over Wall Street reform," Anne Martens, spokeswoman for the Washington State Democrats blared in a press release this morning, pointing out that Rossi does not support the financial reform bill.

Villainizing Singer, the Democrats' press releas notes the Elliott Associates is a "vulture fund"—buying poor countries' debts "for pennies on the dollar and then suing the indebted country to win repayment of the initial debt's full value."

One thing the press release didn't hype, though, is that among the GOP hopefuls at the fundraiser was Marco Rubio, the Tea Party poster child who displaced Florida Governor Charlie Crist in this year's Florida Senate race.  (Similarly, when the Democrats bashed Rossi's new campaign manager, Pat Shortridge, noting that he was a former Enron lobbyist, they failed to mention that Shortridge had been Rubio's strategist.)

There's a theme here: The Democrats don't want Rossi to have any Tea Party cred because they want to stoke the Clint Didier storyline that casts Didier as the Tea Party candidate that's sapping Rossi's momentum.