Real Estate Agent Attacked At Montlake Home

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 30, 2010

Police are investigating a frightening attack on a realtor at a home in Montlake.

According to police, the victim was standing in front of a home he was showing at 25th Ave and E Lynn St at about 2:45pm on July 27th when a man approached him and asked to use the bathroom in the house.

The suspect "was acting like he really had to go bad," the report says, so the real estate agent let him inside the home and took him to the bathroom.

When the realtor let the man into the bathroom and turned to walk away, the suspect allegedly grabbed a hand towel and tried to put it over the victim's face.

After a brief struggle, the suspect took the victim's cell phone, and one of his business cards—which had fallen out of the victim's pocket—and told him "he knew where he lived and if he called police he'd come back and get him," the police report says.

Officers weren't able to locate the suspect near the scene.

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