Photographer Who Taped "Mexican Piss" Incident Could Be Jailed

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 7, 2010

Jud Morris, the freelance videographer who shot the now-infamous "Mexican piss" incident could be forced to give up his original copy of his footage, or possibly face jailtime for contempt of court.


He was ordered to appear in front of a King County Superior Court judge, Greg Canova. He was also supposed to bring his video. When we spoke with him before the hearing, he was hesitant to let go of it. Subpoena Ordering Videographer To Appear

Morris told KIRO Team 7 Investigators, "If I was turning this card over to the feds, it'd be another story. Then, I believe it would be safe, but here we have Seattle police investigating themselves for committing a crime. I would not be shocked at all if I never see this card again if I turn it over."

We asked, but still aren’t sure if Morris turned the original video over to prosecutors. We checked the King County jail log and Morris is not on it. In theory, if Morris refuses to turn over the video chip, the judge could hold him in contempt of court and order him arrested.

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