Park Camera Program Seems Likely to Continue

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 15, 2010

CHS has the scoop on city council member Sally Bagshaw's proposed plan to keep the city's security cameras at Cal Anderson Park and the Garfield Community Center:

Council parks committee head Sally Bagshaw has unveiled her plan to continue the City of Seattle's surveillance program which will now include the three cameras outside the Garfield Community Center as well as the three monitoring Cal Anderson Park.

According to a memo summarizing the proposed legislation, the camera program would transition to a process managed across three different departments of City Hall.

The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) would take on ownership and maintenance of the cameras, SPD would be responsible for their operation and Parks would be tasked with the long-term duty of managing the recorded video footage. SPD will also be responsible for logging who accesses the video system for recordings or for live monitoring and, equally important, who among the SPD brass authorized the access.

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