On PubliCola Today

By Josh Feit July 26, 2010

1) Morning Fizz.
2) Tune in: PubliColaTV.
3) Council puts off city-state agreement on tunnel.
4) Contest!
5) Murray brings home the bacon. Wins state law enforcement endorsement.
6) McKenna weighs in on tunnel provision.
7) Bertolet: Why housing is better than office space next to the Olympic Sculpture Park.
8 ) BikeNerd says KING 5 got the Nickerson road diet story completely wrong.
9) More tunnel coverage.
10) Gregoire agrees with McKenna. This time.
11) Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
12) The tunnel debate: ECB breaks it down.
13) The tunnel debate: Seattle City Council member Mike O'Brien breaks it down.
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