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By Josh Feit July 8, 2010

1. It was posted late last night, but I've got the news that the state is looking to back off its pro-choice policies and settle out of court with religious pharmacists.
2. Your daily Morning Fizz: Erica's reporting on Summerfest and NARAL scores a victory for free speech in West Seattle.
3. Fitzgibbon wants to fight for the ladies.
4. Bellevue residents come unglued about light rail.
5. Last Night: Eric bikes home from Bellevue
6. Last Night: I check out a new banh mi place.
7. I follow up my emergency contraception story with more bad news for women.
8. Erica C. Barnett files her latest "The C is for Crank." It's an instant classic.
9. Democratic State Rep. Geoff Simpson is charged with Domestic Violence.
10. BikeNerd with another reason to be concerned about the tunnel.
11. Our daily roundup: On Other Blogs Today.
12. City Council Member Richard Conlin writes a PubliCola op/ed arguing that cost overruns won't be an issue on the deep bore tunnel.
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