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By Erica C. Barnett July 15, 2010

1. There are two competing tunnel-related editorials at Crosscut today. The first, by Knute "Mossback" Berger, argues that the citizens of Seattle should have a say on whether state law should change to say that city taxpayers won't be on the hook for any cost overruns.

The second, by former state transportation secretary Doug MacDonald (who was at McGinn's tunnel press conference today), argues that if McGinn succeeds in delaying the tunnel project, the state could take the billions it has pledged to the replacement and spend them on projects outside Seattle.

2. KING-5 has what it bills as an "exclusive" look at a study by the Washington Policy Center finding that King County Metro doesn't have enough money to pay for all the projects it promised as part of two voter-approved sales tax increases this decade.

Three problems: KING doesn't mention that the WPC is a right-wing, anti-transit think tank; the study was published in June, and is available on the WPC's web site; and the problems with Metro are due to the economic downturn, which has produced lower than expected sales tax revenues—something Metro has frequently and willingly acknowledged.

3. The brand-new Seattle Bike Blog reports on the uproar over the city's plan to take away parking on Roosevelt. Whoops—looks like no one uses it.

4. Star crime reporter Jonah Spangenthal-Lee has a hilarious scoop about a writer for the  Stranger's music blog.

5. On his blog, City Council member Mike O'Brien goes deeper into the tunnel overrun risks we wrote about on Monday.
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