1. The American Beverage Association, which contributed $2.4 million to get a soda tax repeal on the ballot this November—they turned in 400,000 signatures from paid signature gatherers last week—has already killed similar measures in Philadelphia, Vermont, Mississippi, Kansas, Alaska, and New York.

The New York Times has an account of the ABA's winning campaign strategy.

2. Last week, Democrats slammed Dino Rossi for a comment he made in  a National Journal article about saints and sinners. Sinners, he said, supported Sen. Patty Murray—and saints supported him.

Democrats, however,  had to cancel their YouTube attack on Rossi's remark because, as the Spokesman Review reported, they didn't get permission for the Billy Joel song—"Only the Good Die Young"—that played in the background.

Maybe they should have focused on something else Rossi said in the article (something he repeats all the time.) Rossi said Sen. Murray is "number three in earmarks."

Totally not true.

3. We're sad and happy to report that our very own Camden Swita is leaving the Cola for a gig at an online startup (an AOL-backed startup) outside San Francisco. Camden's going to be an editor for online community newspaper in Pacifica, CA.

Congratulations and good luck, Cam!

4. In case you missed it over the July 4 holiday weekend, Republican State Sen. Pam Roach (D-31, Auburn) is suing her GOP opponent for defamation.
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