Bad Santa

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee July 21, 2010

Seattle Times:

A man who was nicknamed the "Santa Claus burglar" after he became stuck in the chimney of a Seward Park home earlier this year during a botched burglary attempt was found guilty Tuesday of residential burglary, prosecutors said.

On Feb. 19, Shon Shanell put a chair on top of a central air conditioning unit to get on the roof of the home, court charging documents said. Shanell, who is 5-feet-9 and 155 pounds, was stuck in the chimney for nearly six hours.

It's unclear how Shanell managed to get stuck.

After pulling the man from the chimney, police immediately dubbed him the "Santa Claus burglar." Police Lt. Kerry Guynn remarked: "This is my 42nd year as a cop. I ain't never seen this."

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